Network of Caring is
a significance movement.

About Network of Caring

Network of Caring is a significance movement. The longing in the human spirit to do something significant is the inspiration behind the founders’ creation of Network of Caring.

Jim Dornan

Jim Dornan

Nancy Dornan Bernfield

Nancy Dornan Bernfield

Jim & Nancy Dornan

Jim Dornan (1946-2013), and Nancy Dornan founded Network of Caring to connect those who want to help with those who need help.

From their early days, while building their marketing business, Jim and Nancy were interested in finding ways to give back from their blessings, and encouraged others they met to join them.

Because of their vast global business reach, they have had a unique ability to connect many around the world with the needs that are close to their hearts, Children, Chairs and Choices.

“Despite all they've accomplished, Jim and Nancy downplay their role. Says Nancy, "We don't assume that we are solely responsible for our achievements. It's only because God has seen fit to use us this way. And because of that, we've had the opportunity to make a difference. We now have a large and generous family of partners who share our vision."

And make a difference they have.

(Excerpted from Achieve Magazine, August 2007)

A Significance Movement