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David Dornan, Jeff Neuber, and R.D. Saunders in South Africa

Because of the generosity of Network TwentyOne affiliated business owners, Network of Caring leaders were able to bring free wheelchairs to disabled residents in the small community of Zandspruit near Johannesburg South Africa.  Click the link to view the video.

Wheelchair Distribution in South Africa

Latest NOC Newsletter

Go to Newsletter.  Read about David Dornan, Jeff Neuber, and R.D. Saunders distributing wheelchairs in South Africa.  Also see the latest on Canada and NOC.

Japanese Earthquake and Network of Caring

The fantastic people on the Network of Caring team around the world have watched the crisis in Japan with great compassion. As usual our partners want to respond in a meaningful way to help the Japanese people. While there are numerous charities honorably engaged in rescue and recovery efforts in Japan, some of our people have been uncertain about where best to give their resources to help the people of Japan. 

At Network of Caring we want to encourage you to work with our partners, World Vision.  We believe they are a fine organization whose work is effective and whose people are trustowrthy.  Depending on where you are in the world there are three links below to help you find the World Vision online donation site closest to your country or region.  Thank you for being the kind of people you are!

For Australia go to:

For the United States go to:

For any place else in the world go this page and click on the flag of your country in the middle of the page:

The Song of NetworkTwentyOne

Below is a link to a video of the Philadelphia Opera doing a “Random Act of Culture” at a Macy’s in Philadelphia on Saturday Oct. 30, 2010.  They were just milling around the mall looking like shoppers when they began to sing the Hallelujah Chorus with the famous Wanamaker Pipe Organ.

I could not help but think of Jim and Nancy, Network TwentyOne, and all of our IBOs when I saw this Hallelujah Chorus “Flash Mob” (as this kind of surprise performance is called.)  This shows how the world can be blessed when a group of ordinary people–just walking around doing life–can touch the lives of others.  A few people weren’t interested…they just wanted to shop and move on.  They might even have thought it was strange.  

But there were many others who were moved and almost awestruck by it.  Almost everyone stopped to listen.  Many sang along and added to the volume of music, rising in the room.  For many this became a special holiday memory as cameras and cell phones recorded the event to enjoy it again later.  Some may even have aspired to join the opera and the kind of movement that brings good things into the lives of others.  

When you think about it, this only succeeded because a few people were willing to do something awkward: stand and sing in a public place.  Why would someone do that?  Maybe it was because of what they knew before the song began.  They knew they had something special to offer.  They knew they had others with them who would sing too. They knew–with the majestic sounds of the famous Wanamaker organ–that their voices would be irresistible and each shopper would listen and even join in.  They knew with all they had been given–their talent, their team, and the pipe organ–that they just had to sing.  It wasn’t just an opportunity…it was a calling. 

 And they probably felt that the audience needed a song.  They needed something hopeful and special in the midst of their lives.  They needed a message that said there is more to life than a ‘to do’ list.  And it all came together for the people–the singers and the audience–on that ordinary day in Philadelphia.  And neither will ever forget it. 

 Very few of you reading this article were there that day.  But everyday you are bringing something good into so many lives as a part of a “Flash Mob” called Network TwentyOne. Thank you, Jim and Nancy for being our conductors.  Thank you, Network TwentyOne for being the pipe organ giving us guidance and encouragement.  And thank you IBOs for being the opera company.  You have a song the world needs to hear.  So don’t be afraid to stand in public and sing…you have something special to offer…you have many others singing with you…and you are called to this,

 …so sing!

New NOC Newsletter

Article on Fernando Foundation’s work in Singapore

Fernando Foundation Director Dave Ruelas Talks About Power Soccer

When people ask me what we do for a living, I often say that, “we are in the business of changing lives.”

One such life that has been touched by Powerchair Football is Rick, who plays for a growing team that we started 3 years ago. After his first competition, I received a note from him with these encouraging words:

I’ve been a die-hard sports fan for literally over 35 years and feel like this is my first shot at playing a true competitive team sport… It’s a real sport!!! You have no idea what that means to me. What a great feeling!!! Being nervous before the games… being so pumped at the first kick-off… playing our hearts out to a draw against a better, more experienced team in the first game… a hard-working coach; cheering fans – these are the team events that I’ve seen thousands of times only as a spectator — until now!!!

It’s people like Rick that give us the energy to do what we do!  Thank you for supporting power wheelchair soccer and for changing lives like Rick’s!

Exciting News About Power Soccer in Singapore

Read the news…

New Network of Caring Newsletter Posted

Power Soccer Gets $3200 from Baker of the Day!

Baker of the day1 The Fernando Foundation netted more than $3200 for power soccer in the Baker of the Day fundraiser at Great Harvest Bread Co. near the HQs of Network TwentyOne in Duluth GA. Several Network TwentyOne IBOs in the area came to support the event by buying some of the delicious bread. Thanks to all who made it such a great day! With these proceeds, the FF will be able to fund all the registration fees of two teams for the national tournament in June.